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Department of Public Health, Taoyuan

Duties of Sections
SectionsContents of Duties
Communicable Disease Control SectionThe Bureau''s scope of operation includes infectious disease control and management, infection control in organizations providing healthcare, preventive inoculation and vaccination, global epidemic prevention, health management of foreign laborers, sanitary control of business enterprises, community-based epidemic management, and other related matters.
Planning SectionIntegrated services planning, research and development, health planning supervision and evaluation, international public health cooperation, public relations, public service office business, promotion of health education, health-related information and legislation, and other related matters.
Drug Administration and Inspection Section Management of pharmaceutical institutions
Management of pharmaceutical pesonnel
Pharmaceutical affairs
Consumer dispute resolution 
Food Administration and Inspection Section Food management and inspection, Hazard investigation and handling, personnel, business management and other matters.
Health Promotion
The duties of health promotion section focus on health promotion management on mothers and infants, adolescent adults, and the elders, cancer and chronic disease screening, promotion of physical activity, community-based healthcare creating, healthy cities and safe communities, tobacco control and overall healthcare management, and other related matters.
Mental Health and Drug Abuse Prevention Section
Mental health care
Community-based mental healthcare service
suicide prevention
psychiatric mechanism management
Promote the drug abuse prevention
Increase anti-drug information education in the community
Reduce of the first time drug-offenders’ rate
Reduce the recidivism rate of drug abuse
Public Health Inspection and Laboratory Section
Management of food hygiene complaints from the general public, carrying out audits, spot-checks and providing guidance to business and industry. Inspection and laboratory testing of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and water quality – in relation to maintaining sanitation and public health, and other related matters.
Long-term Care SectionManagement of long-term care institutions and personnel, management of special care cases, appraisal of mental and physical disability, auditing of foreign care worker applications, and other related matters.
Administration OfficeDocument and archive management, cashier duties, procurement, property management, and general affairs not directly managed by others sections or offices.
Accounting OfficeAnnual accounting statements, accounts and statistical affairs.
Personnel OfficePersonnel management affairs.
Governmental Ethics OfficeCivil service ethics control affairs.
Public Health Centers of 13 DistrictsOutpatient services, promotion of preventive inoculations, hygiene, healthcare and disease control, autopsies, etc.


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